Friday, June 8, 2012

Crazy, Crazy Summertime

Hey all! I normally like to include a photo or video or image in my post but not this time, because well, I don't have one! I have not had anything to take photos of or anything to post about, but also no time to post. I've been super busy in camp as well as sleeping in, and I just haven't any time to post. I know I'm neglecting this blog, but I will try to post as often as I can, which leads me to next issue.

Next week, I'll be at sleepaway camp- no phones, iPods, computers, etc. Which means, no way to post! I will have a timed Baby Name Tuesday (I think these'll be every other Tuesday, or which ever way it works out) and maybe an extra post or two.

It's kind of funny how summer works out. Bloggers I see type that they will post more in the summertime, but for me, it's just the opposite! I guess not having a fixed schedule (like school) really contributes a lot to that. Oh well.

Bye for now!

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