Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mall of America Photos!

Hey all! The photos are long over due, but I figured you all would like to see them any how. I took photos of LEGO as well as AG! Enjoy!

WARNING: Photo heavy post!

The GIANT wall of legos- you can buy extra bricks, steering wheels, windows, doors, etc.
The full shot of the GIANT wall of legos.

Isn't the ceiling cool?

Yes, this is made of legos.

Aren't these chairs so awesome! Just like legos heads- oh, now that'a awkward.

A fun shot of my sister and I with Julie and Ivy and the VW car. The car is actually made of plastic- unless you want an exact doll-sized replica, it's not really worth $350.

Marie-Grace and Cecile's new set is cute... But it's a bit too frilly for me, and way too over glamorous for the time period.

They had some of these cute displays where the dolls were standing next to their beds in their nighties.

Isn't this just cute? I really love everything about this display.

Starting now, all of the rest of the photos (including the one above) were taken on the second floor.

It's really bright yellow.
The AG website doesn't lie.
Although it has white sleeves,
the yellow hurts my eyes!

Like my poem?

This outfit is a whole lot cuter in real life!

My sister's doll and my borrowed doll, Adrienne. (I named her that. I'm not entirely sure why, it just fits.)

The waitress gave us cute doll-sized menus! How adorable!

Yum- pink lemonade!

The chicken noodle soup- it was so good. My only complaint? More croutons!

My brother got the picnic time thing. It was so cute!

My mom ordered pasta.

My sister got pizza.

And I got salmon with potatoes and veggies. It was so, very good! :-)

I'm off to have a snack. 
ps. I got the McKenna movie- I will post a review soon.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Opinions on New AG Items

Hello! I haven't been posting at all- needless to say, I barely had anything to post about and with plenty of summer camps, it's hard to blog. You know, no motivation and barely no time? Exactly. But I am going to post my opinions on the American Girl releases. I moved on from my blog and my dolls, but I'm still interested in new releases from AG. I'm going to the Mall of America tomorrow and I am looking forward to visiting the AG store and seeing some of the products in real life- and of course- I have opinions.
Lemon-neon-yellow is not a good color for any blonde (trust me, I would know) and this is no exception. Why not sparkles, black, or even pink? Also, McKenna is not a rhythmic gymnast, so why would she have a hoop and a ribbon? I find this set is very inaccurate to McKenna's story, but I like that AG is trying to appeal to all gymnasts. 

Cute! But pricey! For what it's worth, this set is very historically accurate, but I think AG went a little overboard creating an authentic VW. It would have been better if they created a knock-off for cheaper. And why are 10-year-olds driving a car? And if it's $350, please make it out of a harder, more durable material than plastic!

Cute! Cute! I love these cute little snacks that are perfect for girls with allergies! I love that AG is trying to appeal to all girls. Wether they have an allergy or not, this snack set is super cute!

First of all, I love this new AG doll- she's super cute, but her hair might be very to maintain, especially if this doll is given to younger girls. Second, I don't really like the new meet outfit, it's better than the old meet outfit, but the top remains me of a baby's onesie. I agree with other Bloggers that this outfit is a bit to juvenile.

Love the hearing aids! Kudos to AG for creating a piece that will help AG dolls appeal to more girls. This does really give more options to more girls to help create a doll that is really "just like them."I just wish that, like the ear-piercing option, that it is available to all dolls.

And finally, bald dolls. I kind of like these dolls in a weird sort of way. I really like that these appeal to girls with hair-loss or cancer. 

Overall, I give the new AG releases a B. What do you think?