Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Name Tuesday: Week 3

Hey! Have you ever read a baby name book? Well, this past week, I opened up Beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana: What to Name Your Baby Now, and it was great! Unlike traditional baby name books with the names spelled out with meanings and pronunciation keys like a dictionary, this book explored 6 areas of names- had many fun lists along the way. One of my most favorite features of this book was the history component. For example, did you know that Margaret is sometimes considered the national Scottish female name? Or that in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 21% of girls were named Mary, 17% Elizabeth, and 15% Sarah? This book also goes into trends- why parents pick the names they do, but also which picks are perfect for a fashionista in the making, or a macho man.
Above is a list of "truly unisex" location and place names. Although I disagree with several names on this list. For one, I think Paris is definitely a girls' name, and Devon? A boys' name.
I would think this book is appropriate for girls' 11 and up. :-)

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  1. i absoloutly LOVE the name Phoenix!!! (mostly for a girl) :)