Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Name Tuesday: Week 2

Hey! Once in a while, I check out my favorite baby name website- Nameberry. It's a really easy to use site and they have basically every baby name. But, they also have blog posts about (what else?) names- from names that mean "blond" to names from famous TV series and movies. So, I decided to learn about names from my favorite books. See if you can guess which books they are from! (If it's to tricky, you can unscramble them with the pink letters below the names.)

Katniss the flower/root (on top) and
Katniss the character (below).
Katniss- Guess what? Katniss is actually a real plant! Because it's the name of the plant, I actually couldn't find a meaning of the name, but I still think it's pretty darn cool.
(Manege Her Thugs)

Sirius- This is not only the name of one of the bright glimpses of hope in a certain book series, but also the name of the brightest star in the sky. Fitting with the being the name of a star, it means "burning."
(Throat Pryer)

Anna- I've never met an "Anna" who was mean! And the meaning is perfectly fitting: "grace." I love this sweet, classic name. What's also cool about it is that it has many international varitations- try the Danish Ane or the Russian Anya.
(Seeker Types Rims)

Isaac- This Biblical (and totally gorgeous name) is rising in popularity and bright meaning to go with it- "laughter." Love it! Like Anna, it has many international variations: Izak (Scandinavian), Isaakios (Greek), Ysaac (Spanish) and many more.
(A Flashier Nut Tutors)

Willa- Sweet and graceful, I absolutely love this name! Besides being the name of one my favorite female heroins, this name is quite unpopular. It has the rather odd meaning of "resolute protection."
(A Ad Hedged Glen Newsprint Thru)

Can you guess the book titles? What are some of your favorite literary baby names?
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Thanks and have fun!

ps. Check out my sister's brand new blog!

Monday, May 28, 2012

What I Did Today...

Hola! I just heard the greatest news EVER, but I'll save that for the end of this post, because this is sort of like a timeline of my day. Anywho....

This morning I made muffins. I will post a how-to later. :-)

Then I finished my friendship bracelet. 

Then I started and finished my cousin's birthday invites with my sister.

Then I did my hair- looks pretty cool, huh?
Then I found out House of Anubis- one of my favorite shows of all time is going to have a season 3! YAY!!!!

Happy Memorial Day!
What did you do today?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Name Tuesday: Week 1

Hola! This week I'm starting a new thing thing called Baby Name Tuesday! Where I blog about baby names... on Tuesday. Very creative, but hey, the title's got the whole message so I think we're good here. So, anywho let me update you on where I've been, because I've been MIA for the past billion years. My...  wonderful... teachers decided to through a dream house project, a cultural fair, and exams all due/occurring on the same week. On top of that, two field trips and a piano recital. Fun, right? Luckily, I stayed on top of the game and am finished on everything except my last two exams because I didn't go to school today. Because I had a migraine.

Anyways, today for Baby Name Tuesday, I'm going to do a fun would-you-rather baby name game. I have to games- a game on similar names and a game on different spellings. Have fun!

Spellings (my personal favorites are underlined)
Would You Rather...

  1. Emilie or Emily
  2. Sara or Sarah
  3. Mikayla or McKayla
  4. Anabel or Annabelle
  5. Riley or Reilly
  6. Stephen or Steven
  7. Dylan or Dillon
  8. Shawn or Shaun
  9. Madeline or Madelyn
  10. Alyson or Allison
Similar Names (my personal favorites are underlined)
Would You Rather...
  1. Rosalie or Rosalind
  2. Julia or Julie
  3. Lily or Liliana
  4. Eliza or Elizabeth
  5. Claire or Clara
  6. Albert or Alfred
  7. Pippa or Poppy
  8. Archer or Asher
  9. Taylor or Tyler (for boys)
  10. Adair of Blair


Monday, May 7, 2012

Really, Really, Great Quotes

Hey all! I went on Pinterest the other night and saved a bunch of quotes and funny jokes on to my computer. Here are some of my favorites- enjoy!

What are some of your favorite quotes? Sayings? Jokes?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finally... I'm Done!

Hi! And before you ask about the title, no, I'm not done with this blog, but rather my math project which has be bugging be since the age of dinosaurs. It took a couple hours and whole lot of Monk episodes, but I'm finally done.

See the project was to design your dream house. Easy, right? NOT. You had to draw it to scale on graph paper (making sure it's between 2000-4000 square feet), and then put it on to larger, un-graphed paper and draw that to scale too. PLUS, outline exterior walls in thick sharpie, and interior walls and everything else in sharpie pen.

But I finished. Today. Hallelujah.
Here's the whole darn thing. It is entitled "Margaux's Marvelous Lake House!"

First floor. It's shaped like a "u" because there is a hot tub in the curve of the "u", however we weren't supposed to draw the outside features. 

Here's the second floor! This has all of the bedrooms as well as laundry room.

Third floor. The fun floor! A giant closet, a home theater, and a fashion and photography studio! Then, to go up the tower, you have to press a secret button which lifts down a rope ladder. 

And the tower. My haven- bookcases lining all of the walls and skylights! Yay...

If you had a dream house, what would be in it?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Favorite Baby Names (as of 5-4-12)

Hello! I'm going to try to post every single darn day. Because, in a blog that is about your life, it should be updated frequently!

So, today, I'm going to post about my favorite baby names- for girls and boys. Some are bit out there, others are new ones added to this ever changing list, and still some are classics that I have loved for a long while.

1. Gabrielle- I've met many people who dislike this name, but I always ask them why. To me, it's a glamorous, classic French name with a hint of sophistication! I personally love it- it's also not very popular.
2. Claire- While venturing on NameBerry for fun facts about Claire, I found that this spunky name has many international versions. Some of my favorites are Klara (Slavic), Clairette (French), and Chiara (Italian).
3. Helena- This is such a sweet version of the rather common name "Helen." I personally love the sound of this name and the meaning of the name- "bright, shining one." It's such a sweet, yet spunky name!
4. Scarlett- A little bit classy, a little bit mysterious, but all over sophisticated, this is a timeless name that I have come to love! This sweet Southern name has a meaning all too predictable (it means "red"), but this name, in my opinion, is very mysterious...
5. Vienna- Don't you just love the sound of this stylish name? Besides being the capital of Austria, this name is just perfect for a girl who loves traveling- but is also very sophisticated!
6. Emmeline- I love this sweet, classic name! It's actually the French from of the German name, Amelina. (I have a thing for French names!) I personally prefer it to it's German counterpart, and love the nickname "Emmy" for it!.
7. Arden- I don't normally like names that were originally boys' names or forest names, in the case of Arden (Arden was the name of the forest in Shakespeare's "As You Like It"), but I love this very tomboy and spunky name.

1. Sirius- Totally Harry Potter, but totally amazing, this is a name that I love, but would never use! For obvious reasons, it's a bit too out there for me.
2. Benjamin- I'm a sucker for classic names, and Benjamin is no exception! Simply classic, and very popular, Benjamin is a timeless name that means "son of the right hand."
3. Nicholas- I love the sound of this name- very free-spirited and timeless. It's also the name of one of my favorite Saints- good 'ole St. Nick!
4. Nathaniel- I love this name! It's very classy and old-timish but I feel it could work for anyone now. It also has a few international versions! Like Nathanael (French), Nataniele (Italian), and Natanael (Swedish).
5. William- So sweet. And yes, classic. This has so many nicknames, you would never run out! Here are a few of my favorites: Will, Willie (no, not free), Liam, and Bill.

Happy Star Wars Day! (May the Fourth be with you!)

ps. don't own photo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favorite Celebs!

Hey all! I got my design finished- it's not that elaborate or anything, but I love it- just perfect for me right. So, I will start right to talk about something I talk about frequently- my favorite celebs! Believe, me, I have a lot!

These are in no particular order, because I change the order, like, everyday. For reals.

Kate Middleton.
She's gorgeous, modest, and a great princess- er, excuse me- duchess. I love how she's a beautiful example of a princess, and always dresses fashionably! (Don't you just love the dress above?)

One Direction. 
If you don't know about the mega-hot, mega-fabulous, and mega-talented UK group, One Direction, look them up on YouTube. Please. (Try to their "Forever Young" cover or "What Makes You Beautiful.") Anyways, NIALL IS MINE- just wanted to put that out there.

She has an amazing voice- "Rolling in the Deep" is proof of that! I don't know what else there is to say about Adele, besides the fact that she has a phenomenal voice (she won, like, Grammy's)!

Emma Watson. 
Harry Potter would not be the same without this Brit. She's a incredible actress who is always glamorous, but also a great role model. I can't wait to see some of her upcoming movies!

Jennifer Lawrence.
While she isn't my perfect image of Katniss, she's an amazing actress who held together the entire Hunger Games movie. She's down to earth and just so darn funny! (Watch one of her interviews!)

What are some of your favorite celebs? Do you like any of my favorites?

ps. I don't own any of the above photos.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I'm sorry I haven't been posting, but that's because my blog needs a major face-lift, but I don't know any FREE designers who could do a great job! If you or someone you know can do give a free blog design, I'd love to know, and in the mean time, a new post will be coming your way soon!