Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Name Tuesday: Week 9

Hello all! Today, for this BNT, we will be focusing on the most popular names of the 1910s.  This BNT is going to be a questionnaire, giving you popular names from the 1910s corresponding with your  answers. For example,

Girl's Name #1
FN What is your favorite color?
Blue- Betty
Green- Gabrielle
Yellow- Yolanda
Red- Rachael
MN What is your favorite pet?
Dog- Daphne
Bird- Britton
Cat- Catalina
So, if your favorite color was green and your favorite pet was a bird, the girl's name would be Gabrielle Britton. Cool right? You can use this game to make "families" but it's really just for fun!

Boy's Name #1
FN What's your favorite Disney Channel show out of the following?
Good Luck Charlie- Charles
Austin and Ally- Angelo
Shake It Up- Sylvester
Jessie- Julius
MN Out of these destinations, which you would most like to visit?
Santorini, Greece- Glen
Edinburgh, Scotland- Frederick
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil- Bernard
Canberra, Australia- Forrest

Boy's Name #2
FN What's your favorite sport out of the following?
Soccer- Ivan
Gymnastics/Cheerleading- Clayton
Ice Hockey- Orville
Softball- Lawrence
MN Out of these, what's your favorite flavor of chips?
Barbecue- Fred
Sour Cream and Onion- Peter
Chedder- Leonard

Girl's Name #1
FN What's your favorite clothing brand out of the following?
Forever 21- Julia
Hollister- Virginia
Delia's- Josephine
Nike- Mattie
MN Out of the following, which is your favorite country singer/group?
Lady Antebellum- Blanche
Taylor Swift- Lorraine
Carrie Underwood-Lucile
Miranda Lambert- Eloise

Girl's Name #2
FN What is your favorite game out of the following?
Life- Carolyn
Clue- Addie
Yahtzee- Geneva
Operation- Vera
MN What's your favorite summer camp activity?
Archery- Rosemary
Arts and Crafts- Sylvia
Swimming/Water Activities- Alma
Drama- Mabel

So, what names did you get? I got Charles Glen, Clayton Peter, Josephine Lucile, and Addie Mabel. I think all of these are names very classic and somewhat cute, but I don't think I would ever actually use them. :-)

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  1. I love that idea!! I got: Charles Frederick, Orville Peter, Julia Blanche, and Addie Rosemary.
    Again, I love this idea!!