Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Name Tuesday: Week 5

Hey! What's your favorite baby naming trend? Do you even know what that means? Well a baby name trend is basically a popular streak that has a certain style of names. Like Biblical names (Rebekah Jedidiah), mythological names (Athena, Orion), and funky hipster names (Clementine,  Magnus). But, right now vintage names are in and I LOVE them!

Unlike vintage clothing, I love vintage names! The girls' names are feminine, fresh, and delicate, while the boys' are masculine, classic, and are hidden gems. Here are some of my favorites!

Warning: the list below may contain your great-grandparents names.

Vivian- means "life," Latin name
Evelyn- means "desired," English name
Minnie- means "resolute protection," German name
June-  Latin month name
Clara- means "bright, clear," Latin name
Josephine- means "Jehovah increases"
Lillian- means "lily, a flower," English from Latin name
Genevieve- means "woman of the people," French from a German name

Leo- means "lion," Latin name
Charlie- means "free man," English name
Victor- means "conqueror," Latin name
Everett- means "brave as a wild boar," English variation on a German name
Henry- means "estate ruler," German name
Benjamin- means "son of the right hand," Hebrew name
Theodore- means "gift of God," Greek name

So, what are some of your favorite vintage names? You can see the full list here.



  1. Of the ones you listed, I love Clara (obviously ;)), Genevieve, Vivian, Leo, Charlie, and Henry. So sweet! :)

  2. I know a Vivian, an Evelyn, a Clara, a Lillian, a Genevieve, a Charlie, a Benjamin, and a Theodore!

    My favorites are Vivian, Clara, Genevieve, Charlie, Benjamin, and Theodore.

  3. I have a great-great grandma Minnie and a great-great aunt Minnie (different sides of the family ☺)

  4. I'm mostly into unique or different names. I have a whole list of ones that I've thought of or have found.
    I think that the names Azia Cascade and Cassamar Esperanza are pretty. I really like all of your vintage names too!!! I think that Josephine is pretty! Oh, another name that I have thought of is Emory. I just think it sounds... different.

  5. i love the names clara, theodore, charlie and henry. but my favorite names are unique i guess hipster names like you said, like phoenix. :)

  6. Believe it or not, I really like nature names like Skye, and other light, pretty names like Liliana and Rebecca.

    also... THATS MY NAME!!! hahaha but spelled differently, mine is Evaline not Evelyn.

  7. Hi Margaux! I nominated you for an award! Come to my blog to find out more. ~Claire

  8. is ur name pronouced Fargo or margo? Plus my cousins middle name is Lilliana