Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Name Tuesday: Week 1

Hola! This week I'm starting a new thing thing called Baby Name Tuesday! Where I blog about baby names... on Tuesday. Very creative, but hey, the title's got the whole message so I think we're good here. So, anywho let me update you on where I've been, because I've been MIA for the past billion years. My...  wonderful... teachers decided to through a dream house project, a cultural fair, and exams all due/occurring on the same week. On top of that, two field trips and a piano recital. Fun, right? Luckily, I stayed on top of the game and am finished on everything except my last two exams because I didn't go to school today. Because I had a migraine.

Anyways, today for Baby Name Tuesday, I'm going to do a fun would-you-rather baby name game. I have to games- a game on similar names and a game on different spellings. Have fun!

Spellings (my personal favorites are underlined)
Would You Rather...

  1. Emilie or Emily
  2. Sara or Sarah
  3. Mikayla or McKayla
  4. Anabel or Annabelle
  5. Riley or Reilly
  6. Stephen or Steven
  7. Dylan or Dillon
  8. Shawn or Shaun
  9. Madeline or Madelyn
  10. Alyson or Allison
Similar Names (my personal favorites are underlined)
Would You Rather...
  1. Rosalie or Rosalind
  2. Julia or Julie
  3. Lily or Liliana
  4. Eliza or Elizabeth
  5. Claire or Clara
  6. Albert or Alfred
  7. Pippa or Poppy
  8. Archer or Asher
  9. Taylor or Tyler (for boys)
  10. Adair of Blair



  1. I have almost the same ones as you, except I prefer Adair. I might link next week...

  2. I think the name Rosalind is pretty.

  3. You didn't do baby name tuesday week 2.