Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Design and Florida Trip!

Hey guys! What do you all think of my new design? It's much more light and peppy and I thought that it was perfect for my blog right now!
Anyways, as I promised, my pictures from Florida!
We went on a beach hike. 

I love Northern Florida's beaches! It was a really nice time to visit too- the ocean was warm and it made it all the more enjoyable!

We also visited the Naval museum there. 

There was like, a billion planes.
Not really, but were tons of aircraft, models, and replicas of old war planes- especially from both World Wars.

They also had this fun little carton about needing scrap for the war effort in WWII. It even showed some Disney characters! (I spotted Donald Duck and Chip and Dale.)

Isn't cool?
We also went snorkeling! From left to right, my brother, my sister, and me!
p.s. I have been reading your comments from my most recent post and I am definitely taking your ideas into consideration. I just bought a lot of clothes so I think my some fashion posts might be due as well as some more BNTs. :-)
p.s.s. also, please vote on my new poll!


  1. I think you should do your clothing haul. :-) That would be super cool!

  2. I like your new web-site design!! Cute! :) I love all of your pictures too!! It looks really pretty in Florida!!