Sunday, October 7, 2012

Guess Where I'm Headed!

Hi. Just look at this nice photo:
Ain't it gorgeous?
But, can you guess where I'm headed?

Another photo. Oh- look at that snow. Am I going up North?

Nope! I'm headed to Universal Studios Florida and...
Sea World Orlando!
My fall break is this week so my family to taking visit to Orlando to enjoy all it has to offer (which is basically just theme parks).

I hope to purchase some fun Harry Potter goodies in Universal (maybe even something for a possible giveaway...) and I'll even go behind the scenes in Sea World. :-) I'm taking my camera this time, so expect some fun pictures in about a week. 



  1. I love the Harry Potter part of Orlando! Tip: Go to Ollivanders early to avoid long lines!

  2. That looks so fun!! I hope you have a good time!! :)