Monday, July 2, 2012

Opinions on New AG Items

Hello! I haven't been posting at all- needless to say, I barely had anything to post about and with plenty of summer camps, it's hard to blog. You know, no motivation and barely no time? Exactly. But I am going to post my opinions on the American Girl releases. I moved on from my blog and my dolls, but I'm still interested in new releases from AG. I'm going to the Mall of America tomorrow and I am looking forward to visiting the AG store and seeing some of the products in real life- and of course- I have opinions.
Lemon-neon-yellow is not a good color for any blonde (trust me, I would know) and this is no exception. Why not sparkles, black, or even pink? Also, McKenna is not a rhythmic gymnast, so why would she have a hoop and a ribbon? I find this set is very inaccurate to McKenna's story, but I like that AG is trying to appeal to all gymnasts. 

Cute! But pricey! For what it's worth, this set is very historically accurate, but I think AG went a little overboard creating an authentic VW. It would have been better if they created a knock-off for cheaper. And why are 10-year-olds driving a car? And if it's $350, please make it out of a harder, more durable material than plastic!

Cute! Cute! I love these cute little snacks that are perfect for girls with allergies! I love that AG is trying to appeal to all girls. Wether they have an allergy or not, this snack set is super cute!

First of all, I love this new AG doll- she's super cute, but her hair might be very to maintain, especially if this doll is given to younger girls. Second, I don't really like the new meet outfit, it's better than the old meet outfit, but the top remains me of a baby's onesie. I agree with other Bloggers that this outfit is a bit to juvenile.

Love the hearing aids! Kudos to AG for creating a piece that will help AG dolls appeal to more girls. This does really give more options to more girls to help create a doll that is really "just like them."I just wish that, like the ear-piercing option, that it is available to all dolls.

And finally, bald dolls. I kind of like these dolls in a weird sort of way. I really like that these appeal to girls with hair-loss or cancer. 

Overall, I give the new AG releases a B. What do you think?


  1. I thought I was the only one who thought the new meet top somewhat resembles a onesie! You and I are much alike, Margaux. ;)

  2. Yeah, I don't think that the gymnast outfit compliments her hair color. Also, how does the movie look? I am a gymnast so it looks like something I might want to see, but, I'm 13... Do you think that I would like it, or would it seem a little silly since it was made for younger girls.

    1. Hi Eva!!
      Im 10 and I thought the movie was a little babyishh :P


  3. Hello Margaux/Gabby.

    My name is Fiona, and I have something to say to you.

    3 years ago, my American Girl journey started. I was amazed by the gorgeous dollies, cute accesories, and books with lessons.

    I found your website (iheartamericangirl) among many others, but yours stood out. Maybe it was the fact you always stated your true opinion, or maybe because we share the love of hunger games and harry potter, I don't know. But something about your blog stood out to me, which is why I kept visiting it for the past years.

    I have read every post of yours, and laughed, smiled, and brightened up with every creative idea, photo, and post.

    I miss those times.

    Now, I know I can't force you to change your mind, but I just wanted to you to know two things from me, Fiona.

    One, I loved your GOTY contest. I was hoping maybe you could continue that here on Rhymes With Fargo. My parents said I wasn't allowed to enter last year, but they in 2013 I could. I was so disappointed to find out you moved on from your website, after I've been waiting a whole year to compete, with a creative, awesome idea in mind.

    Two, you'll always be my friend. I just wanted to let you know that, sure, American Girl does have high prices, and like you said before, some items don't even make sense. I'll try to change your mind about Kit's pink nightie. What if that was her mom's? And she was just re-using it to save money? Wouldn't that be more like the Kit we know? Yes I agree, American Girl has changed. But look at it this way. They have changed in a good and a bad way. All you wrote about was the bad way. The good way includes the fact that they have reached out to a broader group of girls by adding the bald dolls and the hearing aids, along with many more. And maybe the prices are high. But look! Most of the time, American Girl has delivered high-quality, amazing ideas and products. Don't you agree? I mean, you wouldn't even be interestned in American Girl if it wasn't for that. If that's your opinion, that AG is horrible now, than yes, you're right. But I have to tell you that your opinion is different than someone else's. Everyone might love the AG meet outfit now, or McKenna's performance outfit. What I want to make clear is that people can look at things two different ways. Look at American Girl dolls. Sure, their prices have gone from the $80 range to the hundreds, but they are still the same, loving, smiling dolls, ready for you to open up their lives and be their best friends. And, even if the price is higher, that makes them more near and dear to your heart,

    more special.

    And that's all that matters.

    No new accesory, no new allergy-free snack pack or meet outfit.

    Just you and your doll.

    Thank you,

  4. Dear Fiona,

    First off, thank you for taking the time to write such a long and though-porvoking comment. I thoroughly enjoy when a reader not only comments, but writes a letter! :-)

    I agree with you on many points- I do state my true opinions, but yes, I can sometimes only focus on the negative points, and completely ignore the amazing things I have seen the AG company do. I get lost in a state of frustration and can't get out of it for the life of me. It's just who I am.

    On my blog, I may have written across the idea that left my blog because I didn't like the AG company and many of their products. This is was only a little bit of it, it was mainly because I simply didn't really feel like playing with my dolls like I used to. I was not in the mood to experiment with a new hairstyle or mix and match clothing pieces. My dolls were just there, not a part of my life like they used to be. It was not my dolls and me anymore.

    I sound very contradictory when I say that I still like seeing new AG products and exploring the AG site, but it's true! I don't like to sit and play with my dolls or create a world for them, but I don't mind changing their hairstyle every once in a while or setting them up for Christmas.

    My relationship with my dolls is different and it has changed, but it will never be broken apart.

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment and I hope I addressed all of the wonderful points your brought up.

    p.s. I am planning a design the GOTY 2014 contest to have here on my blog- stay tuned! :-)

  5. Hey Margaux, thanks so much for the reply! Your thoughts mean a lot to me, as you were one of my role models in both the AG world and real world.
    Thanks for addressing my points. Like I mentioned, I did not want you to change your mind, just to think about it.
    Just wanted to let you know one thing: AgTube is falling apart. People calling each other names, rude offensive comments and videos, it is too much. Do you know girloftheyearstudios? She is "taking a break" from all the drama happening on her videos. It is a horrible mess. I know you do not are about AG as much as you did before, but could you please make a post about it dor all your still-loving-AG fans?
    We need all the help we can get to put our agtube back together. We agtubers are family. Once a family member, always a family member.

    Your Friend,