Monday, May 28, 2012

What I Did Today...

Hola! I just heard the greatest news EVER, but I'll save that for the end of this post, because this is sort of like a timeline of my day. Anywho....

This morning I made muffins. I will post a how-to later. :-)

Then I finished my friendship bracelet. 

Then I started and finished my cousin's birthday invites with my sister.

Then I did my hair- looks pretty cool, huh?
Then I found out House of Anubis- one of my favorite shows of all time is going to have a season 3! YAY!!!!

Happy Memorial Day!
What did you do today?


  1. Are you going to do the Tuesday Baby Name post every Tuesday? Sounds like you had fun! PS Castle is coming back for a 5th season!

  2. Those muffins look really good!

  3. Awesome job on the bracelet! I try and try again to make that and fail and fail again. And everyone says I'M good at crafts!