Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finally... I'm Done!

Hi! And before you ask about the title, no, I'm not done with this blog, but rather my math project which has be bugging be since the age of dinosaurs. It took a couple hours and whole lot of Monk episodes, but I'm finally done.

See the project was to design your dream house. Easy, right? NOT. You had to draw it to scale on graph paper (making sure it's between 2000-4000 square feet), and then put it on to larger, un-graphed paper and draw that to scale too. PLUS, outline exterior walls in thick sharpie, and interior walls and everything else in sharpie pen.

But I finished. Today. Hallelujah.
Here's the whole darn thing. It is entitled "Margaux's Marvelous Lake House!"

First floor. It's shaped like a "u" because there is a hot tub in the curve of the "u", however we weren't supposed to draw the outside features. 

Here's the second floor! This has all of the bedrooms as well as laundry room.

Third floor. The fun floor! A giant closet, a home theater, and a fashion and photography studio! Then, to go up the tower, you have to press a secret button which lifts down a rope ladder. 

And the tower. My haven- bookcases lining all of the walls and skylights! Yay...

If you had a dream house, what would be in it?

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  1. Watching multiple episodes of Monk at a time is one of the most productive ways to spend an afternoon.

    The end.