Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favorite Celebs!

Hey all! I got my design finished- it's not that elaborate or anything, but I love it- just perfect for me right. So, I will start right to talk about something I talk about frequently- my favorite celebs! Believe, me, I have a lot!

These are in no particular order, because I change the order, like, everyday. For reals.

Kate Middleton.
She's gorgeous, modest, and a great princess- er, excuse me- duchess. I love how she's a beautiful example of a princess, and always dresses fashionably! (Don't you just love the dress above?)

One Direction. 
If you don't know about the mega-hot, mega-fabulous, and mega-talented UK group, One Direction, look them up on YouTube. Please. (Try to their "Forever Young" cover or "What Makes You Beautiful.") Anyways, NIALL IS MINE- just wanted to put that out there.

She has an amazing voice- "Rolling in the Deep" is proof of that! I don't know what else there is to say about Adele, besides the fact that she has a phenomenal voice (she won, like, Grammy's)!

Emma Watson. 
Harry Potter would not be the same without this Brit. She's a incredible actress who is always glamorous, but also a great role model. I can't wait to see some of her upcoming movies!

Jennifer Lawrence.
While she isn't my perfect image of Katniss, she's an amazing actress who held together the entire Hunger Games movie. She's down to earth and just so darn funny! (Watch one of her interviews!)

What are some of your favorite celebs? Do you like any of my favorites?

ps. I don't own any of the above photos.


  1. I love Emma Watson!

  2. I love Jennifer Lawrence and One Direction!

  3. I love Kate and Emma out of your faves, and some of my personal faves have to be Kerris Dorsey (she's so beautiful and talented)i also like Bridget mendler and Sierra Mccornick.

  4. Hahahahha nope. Niall is MINE.