Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Caroline Abbott...

Hey! Here is a post with all of my thoughts about AG's new character, Caroline Abbott.

First off, let's start with the positives. One, I really like her eye color- personally I think it would look good with all hair colors and it really compliments her pink dress- especially the sash. Second, as much as I'm upset that AG stopped with their tradition of ending Historical Character dates with "4" (1944, 1864, etc.) I really like that AG is introducing to girls to the War of 1812. It's often overlooked in America's history and (hopefully) her books will provide another great history lesson for younger girls. Third, her toy and bag and dress look historically accurate.

Now for the negatives. PINK! Why? Marie-Grace and Addy both come in a pink dress, as well as all MAG dolls and Bitty Babys. Personally, I think Caroline would look great in green or blue or even yellow. Another point that  a Facebook user commented on was that her meet dress looks a lot like Felicity's Summer Dress? And you know what? She's right! It's the EXACT same pattern, just with a different sash and color palette. Ugh... I hate that pink.

Another point, people are probably complaining about her un-originalness. I just want to to address a few points that will hopefully make it more understood.

  1. American Girl could not create and African-American doll. Most African-Americans in her time period were enslaved that time, so AG probably didn't want to create a second enslaved character. 
  2. While many people are upset about her color hair, AG really had no other choice. They couldn't give her dark hair as Cecile and Marie-Grace were just released with dark hair, McKenna has caramel hair, and they couldn't make her a red head because she is already taking Felicity's "spot" (as well as her summer dress) and they didn't want the two to be to similar. 
What do you think? More posts coming soon


  1. I like her, though I wish she had red hair and a different color dress. It seems they always match the blonds with pink! I also like her eyes and hair, so I might get her.
    BTW, I love your blog! :)
    ~ Jess

  2. I think she's super cute, but as my AG buying/collecting days are over she definitely won't be added to my collection. I'm pretty sure that's a new wig, and I LOVE her grey/blue eyes! I also am not a fan of her dress (the pink is getting on my nerves too), I loved Felicity's summer dress, but this one just doesn't work for me. And the shoes are much too matchy-matchy.